Meet Elan Caskanette, Hip hop instructor at South Island Studio

Elan Caskanette - Hip hop Instructor

“My intention is to create a space where students can learn and practice their skills with a focus on exploration. When we explore creativity there are no right or wrong answers, there is only the next step in our creative journey. I believe that everyone has the potential to express themselves creatively and my goal is to help students break free of any inner criticisms, doubts or judgements that might be blocking them.”

Elan grew up immersed in music and began writing hip hop lyrics as a young teenager. He loved the lyricism and the ability to express himself through this art form. Elan’s lyrics inspire personal and collective awareness; he demonstrates how hip hop can be used for personal growth, positivity and authentic expression. Elan has enjoyed success performing in various shows, festivals and fundraisers.


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