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Lance Carr - Guitar

“I enjoy seeing students discover that it isn't a matter of ‘if they can’, it's a matter of ‘when’. Learning in an encouraging, creative, fun way, students do achieve their dreams and goals! With a growth mindset, we cultivate musical confidence with gentle perseverance. There are many paths; for some, learning is exploring the many languages/styles of music, for others, learning is a direct focus on achieving specific goals. Students of all ages, beginner to advanced are welcome!”

Lance Carr - Guitar Instructor at South Island Studio


I view music as both an Art and a Science. As an Art, music is a creative and imaginative skill that expresses ideas & feelings. As a Science, music is also a practical application of exploratory theory and technique through real-world experience.


I have studied music and played guitar with a passion for over 30 years. I have been teaching music for the past 20 years. At 8 years old, my parents bought me my first guitar. Music was always around me; concerts, church bands, radio, CDs, records, tape cassettes, and music videos, were all important pastimes for my family and me growing up. My community had an enthusiasm for music - I knew how important music was long before I played my first string.

I was fortunate to have a family and community who supported, praised, and encouraged me every step of my musical journey. My parents took me to concerts and performances and set up instruments and sound systems in our woodshed. I joined church bands and services on the weekends and played guitar with the youth groups and jazz bands in high school. Since I was a teenager, I played in many different groups. I later had the opportunity to tour North America, Europe, and Asia with recording Artists including; Sebell, Jon Buller (Hear the Music Ministries, Juno and Dove Award Winner), Cory Doak, Fernando Gonzalez, Piel Canela (Latin Recording Artist), Raquel Cole, the Gypsy Kings (Grammy Award Winners) among others.

I have gained invaluable friendships and meaningful experiences through the opportunities music has brought me. As a universal language, I have experienced many times, the harmony and common ground we all share through music. Jamming, improvising, and creating music in harmony with others expresses the common ground of our humanity.

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