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Eryn Sharpe - Voice

“I teach my students to develop healthy singing techniques that will support and enhance their unique voice in any genre. Singing is an amazing creative outlet and I love to share my passion with those who are interested in discovering their voice and the expressive possibilities with it.”

Eryn Sharpe - Voice Instructor at South Island Studio

Eryn holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Victoria. She began her vocal studies with Anne-Marie Brimacombe in the classical genre and completed her University voice studies with Anne Grimm. Eryn's performance experience has largely been in the genres of Pop, Folk, Jazz, R&B.

When she is not teaching, Eryn can be found performing with her trio ( at Pagliacci's and other Victoria music venues.

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In the past few months of taking lessons with Eryn, I have already seen my voice transform. Beyond being friendly and fun, she is extremely perceptive and has a really natural musicality. So, she has the ability to hone in on what’s going on, help me bring me to new understandings, and spark my inspiration.