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Alanna Kazdan – Piano, Flute

“I am unabashedly passionate about sharing my love of music with students. I approach each lesson with good humour and patience, keeping the learning environment light and friendly. I believe that making our lessons tailored to the needs of each individual student establishes newfound appreciation and enjoyment of music-making! Our end goal is not a definite end, but an exploration of growth and learning throughout our journey to mastery of the music that we're studying”

Alanna Kazdan – Piano, Flute Instructor at South Island Studio

Alanna Kazdan is a performer, teacher, and scholar - she is a transplanted Torontonian spreading her musical wings across Victoria. Before moving to the west coast, Alanna completed her Grade 10 RCM in piano and graduated from the Concurrent Education program at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. She earned her Bachelor of Music in 2015, Bachelor of Education (specializing in music and history) in 2016, and completed her MA in Musicology and Flute Performance in 2020. Alanna also holds an academic milestone in Arts Education from Queen's University.

Alanna has been playing piano since the age of four and has continued to advance her piano career as a performer and a collaborative pianist. She has performed with all varieties of solo instruments and vocalists, being employed by Queen's University and the University of Victoria, as well as working extensively as a choral accompanist since 2010. Back in Toronto, Alanna had worked to develop and eventually ran a successful city day camp in Ontario that taught beginner piano to children ages 7-12.

As a flute player, Alanna has played in numerous ensembles and chamber groups, exploring both classical and contemporary genres over the course of her graduate studies. Alanna is a co-owner of the Victoria-based flute trio, Trio Taco, which has a focus on contemporary music by living composers.

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