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Lonny Koch - Guitar

“I like to create a positive experience for every student, to be caring and committed to their happiness and success in music, and to do so in a way that honours their personal expectations and journey.”

Lonny Koch - Guitar Instructor at South Island Studio

I enjoy learning what each student wants and needs in their practice, whether they are a beginner or advancing musician. Individual learning styles and the path each person is on is fascinating to me, and the variety each student brings in terms of music interests, and personality, are what inspire my commitment to teaching. I'm very patient with beginners and offer a focused, productive challenge to advancing students, always in a friendly and supportive manner.

I grew up in a musical household and started playing guitar at the age of 8. My family always encouraged me and truthfully, I couldn't stop. I play guitar, bass, and sing and have been a professional musician for 25 years. I've performed on stages across most of Canada with touring artists like George Canyon, Sean Hogan, and Ken McCoy, and played countless shows at dances, clubs, and festivals. In 2001, after teaching and performing for 10 years, I opened South Island Studio for guitar lessons and recording services.

By 2007 I decided to focus on teaching exclusively, as it was the most personally rewarding aspect of my work. Since doing so, the studio has grown organically and quickly, to now include lessons in Voice, Piano, Drums, Bass guitar, Band Camps, Vocal Groups, Guitar Workshops, and Songwriting Workshops.

The community at large is as responsible for this as anyone, through their requests for other instruments to study and courses to follow, and for some great teachers offering to work with me to build something positive together.

My own playing reflects my love of Americana music: blues, rock, r & b, rock & roll, country, bluegrass, and jazz. I am currently playing guitar with Victoria singer-songwriter, Steve Barrie and with the Rock-a-Billy / Country band The Revival BC.

Thanks for reading and looking around the site. Please send me a note if you have any questions.

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