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Christian Hardy – Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar

“My goal as a teacher is to offer an avenue for any student of any age to become more enthralled with the musical experience. I aim to create an inviting space in which to explore and develop musical skills and connections, while enabling and encouraging enjoyment in the act of playing guitar. I am excited and moved on a daily basis by music, and part of my joy is articulating and translating that experience for others.”

Christian Hardy – Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar Instructor at South Island Studio

Christian enjoys playing in a multitude of styles, from pop, punk, metal, folk, funk, the blues, and beyond with Ukulele and Bass guitar, his goal is to be a versatile and competent teacher in as many situations as possible. Whether your goal is to strum and sing, or shred solos like a guitar hero, he will give you the tools necessary to set you down a path of growth and discovery.

He has been playing for a total of 10 years and has formally taught for two, and is excited to continue learning and refining his methods in order to become a more effective and engaging teacher. Over the last few years he has been a part of different self-directed projects around Victoria, including recording an EP with the band Peach Mountain as well as performing with his current band, Tent City as a bassist and vocalist.

He is currently enrolled in the Music Performance Diploma Program at The Victoria Conservatory of Music.

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