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Paul Mowbray - Guitar

“Whether with a beginner or an expert I believe that the teacher's job is to help the student to experience the joy of music and to find their individual path of study, understanding, and play. I work to become an expert in how we advance in our playing, and to be an expert in helping to fine-tune the process.”

Paul Mowbray - Guitar and Songwriting Instructor at South Island Studio

At a very young age, I was mesmerized by the music we would now call “Americana”, or “Roots” music. Then came Dylan, the Beatles, and other great songwriters to show me that you can do it yourself. Long story short, I’ve played, studied, taught, and written music all my life. I have a B.A. music major and have been in a variety of groups as well as performing solo. Songwriting and music theory is my main passion. The acoustic guitar is my specialty. I am studying piano.

Hear an original song on youtube:

More original material and some acoustic covers at:

My teaching background includes ten years at South Island Studio as well as work with students with so-called “learning disabilities” in the regular school system.

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