Meet Paul Mowbray, guitar instructor at South Island Studio

Paul Mowbray - Guitar and Songwriting

“Whether with a beginner or an expert I believe that the teacher's job is to help the student to experience the joy of music and to find their individual path of study and play. I work to become an expert in how we advance in our playing, and to be an expert in helping to fine tune the process. I like the variety of students, young and mature, expert and beginning, that I work with at South Island Studio. As a teacher I try to be a student myself and a fellow traveler on a great musical journey.”

At a very young age I was mesmerized by the folk music performances of The Weavers, The Limelighters, and other folk artists. Call it Americana, Canadiana, Blues, Roots, the name changes over the years. For me it’s acoustic instruments and voices singing songs that are vital and important to our popular culture. I’m still mesmerized by music and I specialize in acoustic guitar.

You can hear my performances of songs I love at:

You can stream my original songs at:

Besides teaching guitar at South Island Studio I present guitar workshops, often with Lonny Koch owner of S.I.S.. And I love to perform. Hope you can come out for some live music. My resume includes a lifetime of private music teaching, work with people with so called learning disabilities, and a B.A. music major from the University of Saskatchewan.


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