Meet Eryn Sharpe, vocal instructor at South Island Studio

Eryn Sharpe - Voice

“I teach my students to develop healthy singing techniques that will support and enhance their unique voice in any genre. Singing is an amazing creative outlet and I love to share my passion with those who are interested in discovering their voice and the expressive possibilities with it.”

Currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Music program (3rd Yr) at the University of Victoria, Eryn began her vocal studies with Anne-Marie Brimacombe in the Classical genre and continues to study with Anne Grimm. Eryn also has experience in the genres of Musical Theatre, Folk, Jazz and R&B.

Eryn currently song-writes for, and performs in the Victoria band "The Eryn Sharpe Trio" which performs Original music, Jazz, R&B, and Pop music.


In the past few months of taking lessons with Eryn, I have already seen my voice transform. Beyond being friendly and fun, she is extremely perceptive and has a really natural musicality. So, she has the ability to hone in on what’s going on, help me bring me to new understandings, and spark my inspiration.

G.G. – adult singing student
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