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Musical Theatre and Band Camp

Triple Threat Musical Theatre Workshop (9-12 yrs)*

Now taking registrations for our Spring session (11 weeks, April - June)

For 9-12 year olds who love the stage and have some previous singing experience, we welcome them to join our Triple Threat Musical Theatre Workshop. A musical theatre performer who sings, dances and acts, all with equal finesse and skill, are often called a “Triple Threat.” The focus of this workshop is to support growth and confidence in each student, facilitate collaboration and provide instruction and experience in all aspects of being a musical theatre performer. Using scenes and songs from various musicals, students gain skills in acting, solo and group singing and choreography. We offer three unique sessions to choose from throughout the year; students can participate in all three for a year-long experience. Each session culminates in a showcase performance for families and friends.

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Rockshop I (10-12 yrs)*

Rockshop II (12-15 yrs)*

  • Fall term: Sept - Dec (12 weeks)
  • Winter term: Jan - Mar (10 weeks)
  • Spring term: Apr - Jun (11 weeks)

*Previous instrument/voice experience (one year of lessons or demonstration of ability), or training such as Studio Singers is recommended prior to enrolling in this class.

For 10-15 year olds who want to play in a band, we give kids a place to learn age-appropriate Pop and Rock songs that challenge them and build confidence as they grow. Listening skills, teamwork, shared decision-making and, of course, improved musicianship are all benefits of this camp.

Our coaches guide and support kids in their music choices and model how to work successfully with others in impassioned environments.

The Bands showcase their efforts at our Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as in the Spring term, each Band enjoys a recording studio experience. They go into a local recording studio to record their best songs in a three-hour recording session.

To sum up, it’s remarkable what these young musicians can accomplish, and through it all, we also have a lot of fun!

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