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Group Music Classes

We're pleased to offer group music classes for children aged 3-10 yrs.

Wee Musicians (3-4 yrs old)

*Parent participation optional; two teachers present at all times

This early childhood class is designed to be fun, creative, and a great first step in a child’s music education. We aim to engage the whole child through the heart, mind and body. In our weekly classes, we help children to notice how different music makes us feel, identify different moods and move to the music in response. Children discover music patterns and the expressive elements loud/soft, fast/slow, high/low, and long/short. We experiment with these elements using the voice as well as pitched and unpitched percussion instruments. In readiness for singing, we explore the full range of our voices, perform action songs and play singing games that encourage cooperation and connection with others.

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Amazing Musical Playground (5-7 yrs old)

We invite 5-7 year olds to join us at our Amazing Musical Playground, a gateway to music through instruments, movement, singing and play. Through collaborative games, songs and activities, we aim to engage the whole child through the heart, mind and body. The AMP allows students to sample various instruments and build basic musicianship skills. They learn to read and write simple rhythmic and melodic patterns and to identify expressive elements, using music vocabulary. Students learn the first steps in playing piano, ukulele, percussion and singing. These young musicians leave the “playground” with a love for music and the skills to take on an instrument of choice.

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Studio Singers Voice Lessons (7-10 yrs old)

For 7-10 year olds who love to sing, we welcome them to join our group voice lesson program, Studio Singers, which provides quality individual instruction within a small group.

The classes are divided into two age groups:

  • Studio Singers I for 7-8 year olds
  • Studio Singers II for 9-10 year olds

With the thoughtful guidance of an experienced teacher, each individual’s strengths and needs are recognized and fostered. Singing games and playful activities encourage strong singing skills and keep students happily engaged. Individualised instruction coupled with the opportunity to listen to each other, support each other and enjoy a sense of belonging, ensures these young singers make great strides in their singing journey.

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Studio Keys (6-8 yrs old)

Group piano is an innovative concept that keeps kids happy and engaged while they learn alongside their peers. Playing music together is fun and motivates kids to practice!

Guided by experienced teachers, students in Studio Keys receive individualised instruction within a small group. Each child has their own keyboard in the lesson. Individual instruction is given, and headphones are used for individual practice. Students also learn to play as an ensemble, which is an important skill and creates a sense of community.

The comprehensive Alfred Group Piano Course is a fantastic base method which we expand on with games, songs, and activities to build musicianship and a positive group dynamic. Different rates of learning are expected and accommodated with each Studio Keys lesson.

Children are intrinsically motivated when they play and learn alongside their peers and learning the piano is no exception!

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