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We're grateful each time clients take the time to recount their positive experiences. Testimonials give prospective students a sense of the service we offer. Please take a minute of your time to read the following:

Thank you so much for the RockShop Band Camp! You and Christian did an amazing job. Our son learned so much and has been composing madly at home ever since. We really appreciated knowing that he was in a fun and supportive place. It was also fantastic for him to be exposed to playing in a group while having to accompany singers -- different skills than solo lessons. Which we should also thank you for -- his individual piano lessons with Xheni are terrific! She is so talented, kind and encouraging. Her enthusiasm has given him confidence and joy in his playing. Thank you!

Allison & Joe

Thank you so much for donating your time to our summer camp! The youth (and adults) had such a great time - it was such an incredible experience! Thank you!

Rachel and Will

Thanks for teaching me guitar and rock band. I’VE HAD A BLAST!


We are really grateful for the type of music school you have created at South Island – supportive, skillful and fun, meeting the kids where they are at and working from there.

Neil, Caren and Sam

My son Griffin just had his second session with Joel Kroeker, an amazing music therapist who is new to Victoria.

I walked in two weeks ago with a kid who is severely autistic, non-verbal, doesn't understand most spoken language, and has a pretty strong aversion to music. This week Joel had him freaking playing the piano, taking turns, mimicking sounds, matching rhythms. Best therapy session I've ever seen with Griffin for communication skills, and that's not what we came for!

Griffin can be really challenging in new environments, and Joel reads him incredibly well. Griff was smiling today, curious, making lots of eye contact... it was amazing.

Joel also has extensive training in counseling and behavioral stuff (his services are covered by autism funding). It was far more than just a music therapy session today - it was easily the best therapy session I've ever seen with Griffin, period. I highly recommend him, particularly for kids on the spectrum who might be difficult to find useful, enjoyable therapies for.

Debora G.

I highly recommend South Island Studio for music lessons for all ages and abilities.

Two of my children and I attend the studio on a weekly basis and have for more than two years. Lonny and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and supportive for the students. Progress is smooth and the musicians are moved along at their individual paces according to their ability and practice schedule.

All three of us have improved immensely in his studio. Both my son and I are playing in bands, and my daughter will be ready to play with others next year.

Lonny and the other instructors have made a real music community through South Island Studio. Every December and June, the students are showcased at a performance which is the highlight of the year for us. All the musicians who are interested can perform on a stage with their instructor. It is an extremely fun afternoon. Because of this, most of us who attend the studio know each other and run into each other at other music venues.

I can not say enough about the studio and the instructors at South Island Studio - it has been a most satisfying and rewarding 2 years there for my family.

Alec W.

Lonny, Paul and the gang at South Island Studio, You guys are amazing and an inspiration to many musicians and young artists in Victoria! Thank You!

Michelle T.

Hey Lonny!

I don't know if you know, but our son Vaughn got a bass for graduating high school last year, and he moved to London UK in October to join a trio. They toured Europe opening for Les Claypool this spring and right now are touring with him on a short tour in the U.S. Over the next few days they are playing NY, NJ, etc etc - check it out - Hotthedd.

We can't thank you enough for the music lessons. Leo still plays piano and guitar, and sings every day - he is currently into Frank Sinatra. Before that it was "I Blame Coco".

Cheers man, and a million thanks.

Tobin Stokes

Thank you for another amazing year working with Alex. Your kind, thoughtful, and creative teaching is amazing.

Joanne, David and Alex

Thank you for teaching me how to play Any Way You Want It, Tighten Up, American Pie and more!


In the past few months of taking lessons with Eryn, I have already seen my voice transform. Beyond being friendly and fun, she is extremely perceptive and has a really natural musicality. So, she has the ability to hone in on what’s going on, help me bring me to new understandings, and spark my inspiration.

G.G. – adult singing student

I was looking to find the confidence to sing around a campfire but I found so much more than that.

I found a true teacher with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint.

Kim was able to bring out something in me that I knew was inside but never had the courage to express.

If you have ever thought there might be a little voice in you that dreamed to be more, Kim will help you find it.