Voice at South Island Studio

Teachers: Kimberly Denness-Thomas, Eryn Sharpe & Brittney Jette

We believe everyone can sing. South Island Studio vocal classes are designed to help you deeply connect with your voice. Whether you’re a child, a teen, or an adult, we help guide you to singing in a way that is healthy and authentically you.

  • Have you always wanted to sing?
  • Are you preparing for a big audition?
  • Are you preparing to go into the recording studio?
  • Are you in a theatre production and want to improve your singing and speaking for your role?
  • Do you want to sustain a healthy voice while touring with your band?
  • Would you love to sing with confidence at a party or on stage in front of people?

Our voice lessons combine breathing, movement, ear training, posture, and vocal exercises designed to enhance your natural voice and build confidence throughout your full range. You’ll learn how to open up in healthy ways, free of vocal blocks and free of your inner critic. You’ll learn how breathing supports challenging transitions and how to access quality sound in the areas within your range that are difficult to reach.

(It sounds intense, but it’s a lot of fun too!)

We also look at how music is made and explore ways to interpret your songs as both a lead singer and when singing harmony. We study some of the great singers of the past and of our time for insight, analysis and inspiration.

It takes courage to sing openly. We are performers as well and we truly get that, so we organise opportunities to for you to perform, should you so desire. These are safe and supportive environments and go a long way to building confidence in being on stage. We see great progress in students who take this opportunity to challenge themselves to be on stage.

Performing preparation and practice. For some, it’s not too difficult being on stage, but for most of us, there are some nerves, excitement and trepidation. That’s a response we encourage students to feel and in time understand, if not completely get used too. Once you’ve been there a few times, the stage becomes exciting and a lot of fun.

If you’re somewhere in between singing in the shower and being a stage professional, we welcome the opportunity to help you to sing well and with confidence, because singing is a beautiful thing.

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