2021 Summer Music Camps Victoria/Oak Bay

Dear Students and Parents!

Check out our lineup of SUMMER CAMPS! Designed to help invigorate and inspire our students' musicality, creativity and sense of community as we come out of a tough year. 

 Camp registration is now open!

Registration is easy, just follow these steps!

1. Read the Camp descriptions below to confirm your child fits the age range and camp interest.

2. Reply to this email with your child's camp preference(s), age, and with any questions.

3. We'll send you the online registration form with payment options to complete your registration.

Camp class sizes are small. The camps are held at our 1509 Amphion St location. Covid protocols will be followed in the camps. 

Camp details below.

We invite you to join us for a delightful summer music camp! 

Lonny Koch - South Island Studio



July 5-9 (M-F) 9:00-3:30

Age 11-15



Create your own musical composition using the local environment! Playing many roles including sound recordist, audio engineer, musician, composer, editor and storyteller, the sky’s the limit as campers develop and create their unique compositions. Students will sample and capture environmental sounds, then use a variety of technologies to manipulate and organize these sounds. Technology, combined with thoughtful guidance by experienced camp leaders, empower participants to discover a new form of musical expression. The last day of camp ends with a showcase for families, Covid restrictions permitting.


Camp leader, Sasha Ilnyckyj, B.A., B.Ed., Dip. Mus., designed this camp to create a wide-open yet guided experience that invites students to observe their environment in new ways and to listen for the potential music that surrounds us. 

Bio: Sasha Ilnyckyj - Piano teach at South Island Studio | Victoria BC 



July 12-16 (M-F) 9:00-3:30

Ages 5-13 (ages grouped within the camp: Mini 5-7, Midi 8-10, Max 11-13)



Victoria's new piano-focused summer camp that gets kids ready to 'scale' the next musical mountain! Campers will learn valuable collaboration and leadership skills along with piano musicianship and basic music theory. Specially designed to cater to all skill levels and a wide range of ages, this camp guarantees students a lively week of music-making and summer fun! The last day of camp ends with a performance for families, Covid restrictions permitting. 


Camp leader, Alanna Kazdan, M.A. Musicology & Flute, B.Ed, B.Mus, RCM Grade 10, has extensive experience running piano-based summer camps. Her teaching expertise will guide group and individual piano play as well as traditional camp activities and outdoor time.  

Bio: South Island Studio - Alanna Kazdan – Piano, Flute



July 19-23 (M-F) 9:00-3:30

Ages 7-11 



Sing! Dance! Act! Using an original script that merges hits from favourite classic musicals (Oliver!, Annie, Wizard of Oz, Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Les Misèrables) we’ll sing, dance and act our way through the week, experiencing the true “Triple Threat” that is a musical theatre performer. Within this safe place to explore, create, and make friends, this workshop focuses on process and creative input from participants. The last day of camp ends with a performance for families, Covid restrictions permitting. Come experience the results of the hard work our campers put toward creating an awesome show! 


Camp leader, Inge Illman, B.Mus, Dip Ed, designed this workshop and wrote the script. Co-led with pianist Alanna Kazdan, their wealth of expertise as musicians, stage performers, and teachers will guide participants in this enriching musical theatre journey!

Inge Illman Bio

South Island Studio - Alanna Kazdan – Piano, Flute




Half Day Camps 

July 26-30 (M-F)

YoungUns (ages 9-11) 9:00 AM -12:00 

LateRisers (ages 12-15) 1:00 - 4:00 PM



An engaging youth rock band experience! Learn lively pop and rock repertoire using current and classic songs. This half-day camp packs a lot in, giving students an opportunity to learn new music together, improve their listening skills, work in a group, learn how to choose music that's suitable and have a great time in the process. These highly focused days provide in-depth rehearsals with the goal of discovering how much we can learn and improve our musicianship in one week! The last day of camp ends with a performance for families, Covid restrictions permitting. 


Lonny Koch has guided this lil’ rockin’ camp for over 10 years. We’re looking for Singers, Guitarists, Bassists, Piano/Keyboards, Drummers. A minimum of one season of lessons is recommended.

South Island Studio - Lonny Koch – Guitar Lessons




Half Day Camps 

Aug 9-13 (M-F)

9:00-12:00 for kids age 9-11

1:00 4:00 for kids age 12-15



Discover how hip hop can be artistically effective communication as well as a source of enjoyment and playfulness! This half-day camp is an introduction to hip hop composition using its three pillars: Style, Technique, and Content. Campers will explore rhyme, poetic word-play, cadence, storytelling, topic development, freestyling and performance. The last day of camp ends with a showcase for families, Covid restrictions permitting. 


Hip hop artist, Elan Caskenette (a.k.a. Thunderfeet), offers this creative camp to kids who want to learn more about the art of rap. He utilizes this creative and relevant medium as a vehicle for healthy self-expression. For parents who are concerned with the negative examples of some mainstream hip hop artists, Elan coaches students to explore topics that are age-appropriate and meaningful. 

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