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Singing together is the best way for kids under 11 to learn to sing.


For 7-10 year olds who love to sing, we welcome them to join our group voice lesson program, Studio Singers, which provides quality individual instruction within a small group.

The classes are divided into two age groups:

  • Studio Singers I for 7-8 year olds
  • Studio Singers II for 9-10 year olds

With the thoughtful guidance of an experienced teacher, each individual’s strengths and needs are recognized and fostered. Singing games and playful activities encourage strong singing skills and keep students happily engaged. Individualised instruction coupled with the opportunity to listen to each other, support each other and enjoy a sense of belonging, ensures these young singers make great strides in their singing journey.

Click the Button for students 3-10 on the home page to learn more and to register.