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The Amazing Musical Playground!

We're excited to offer a new group class for kids ages 5 to 8. For parents looking for a great start to music lessons, this is designed specifically for your kids!

It can be a challenge for 5-8 year old to sit still in a private lesson and then go home and "work" on their music alone. We feel that a supported approach that combines weekly group learning, musical games, singing, movement, instruments and guided play to be a desirable place to start for many kids.

Under the "Musical Playgound" heading we cover a wide territory using a multi-disciplinary approach to learning. This class is designed by educators and musicians, bringing their knowledge of childhood development and musicianship together for a wonderfully playful learning environment!

Click the Get Started Now button above to share your child's age and info, and we'll get right back with class times, dates and pertinent info!