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Tyler Lieb - Guitar

Tyler has taught guitar for 8 years and thrives on sharing his love of music with his students. He presents music in a practical, hands-on way, and by example encourages his students to make music-making a vital part of their lives.

Tyler Lieb - Guitar Instructor at South Island Studio

Tyler Lieb is an exciting and versatile guitarist, comfortable playing Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Country, Bluegrass, and many other styles. His playing can turn on a dime from subtly supportive to fiery and ferocious, always in service to the song. Tyler first came to music at a young age, beginning piano lessons at 5 years old. At 13, he picked up the bass to join a friend's punk/alt rock band, and soon after was playing and composing on the guitar. He has lived, taught and performed in Victoria, Boston, and Montreal, performing with artists such as Monique Nordine, Buff Allen, the Harvard Gato Negro Jazz Ensemble, Kevin Moquin and the Bad Ideas, Karyn Ellis, Moonshine Garage, Matt Large, Ewan Macintyre, and many others.

He holds a Bachelor's of Music with First Class Honours from St. Francis Xavier University, where he was awarded the inaugural CARRAS Award for Outstanding Graduating Student.

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