Meet Tasha Meisami Farivar, Vocal instructor at South Island Studio

Tasha Meisami Farivar – Classical and Contemporary Voice

“It is the most rewarding moment when a student begins to find the sound that is true to them. Music is essential to me, it flows through my daily life, whether I have the opportunity to create it and collaborate with others, or just sit in a small room, taking in the talent and passion of others. From a very young age I felt a great appreciation of music and I was lucky enough that my parents exposed me to many different genres and cultures which influence my music choices and preferences to this day.”

I believe that music is excellent for human development, and helps make us more well-rounded and thoughtful people. I strive to help ignite the love and passion for music in my students, whether they just want to make it for themselves or share it with others. I encourage students to learn and explore the mechanics of vocal production, the art of emotional connection within presentation, and overall the history of music and how it pertains to us as a musician, artist, and music lover."

As a music teacher, Tasha prides herself in creating an environment to nurture her students curiosity for music. She believes in the importance of building a strong musical foundation by incorporating a combination of learning music notation, developing a strong sense of physical connection through exercises and performance experience, and exploring musicality within any genre.

Tasha is experienced in RCM exam preparations and enjoys helping students navigate the Exam process by connecting growth psychology to their passion for singing through the practice of performance. As well, some of her previous students have competed and gained recognition in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts festival.

A mezzo-soprano and Victoria, BC born, Tasha completed her degree at the University of Victoria with Benjamin Butterfield. Tasha has performed as a soloist with choirs and orchestras across British Columbia. In 2014 Tasha competed in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, winning the prestigious Rose Bowl and Roberto and Mary Wood Scholarship. In 2015 Tasha attended the Amalfi Coast Summer Opera program, playing the role of Ciesca in Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi in Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Tasha was also part of the inaugural year of the Ukrainian Art Song institute, preforming at the Royal conservatory in Toronto. For the last four years Tasha has been performing with the Pacific Opera Victoria chorus in their main-stage shows, as well as their Living Opera and Coloratura programs to bring more education and classical music into the community. Recently, Tasha has been organizing and producing a variety of concerts and art collaborations within the community with the hopes of garnering more interest and support for classical music and the arts.

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