Meet Renn Bibeau, Vocal instructor at South Island Studio

Renn Bibeau - Voice and Piano

“Music and performance have been the most powerful force in my life. I believe that music provides an opportunity for people to connect authentically with themselves and offers an immense and deeply creative outlet. In my lessons with students, I aim to discover an individual’s goals, and then create a custom program to provide the student with the skills and knowledge to reach them.”

Renn has a strong background in theory, music history, and languages. Her approach with students aims to foster a solid foundation in how music works, as well as how the instrument and player work in creating the music. She offers an inclusive and safe environment for students to experiment, create and learn while discovering their own unique sound.

Offering over ten years of experience as a musician educator, Renn Madeleine Bibeau has trained on piano and voice since she was four, under the tutelage of Jocelyn Savage (piano), and Elaine Case and Reid Spencer (voice). She performed regularly in her hometown of Calgary, AB, and was a frequent winner in the Kiwanis Music Festival and repeat performer in community theatre projects with Storybook Theatre and Front Row Centre Players.

Following an extended trip to India, Renn returned home to pursue her Bachelor of Music, majoring in Vocal Performance. She received her Associates Degree from Mount Royal University, before transferring to the University of Victoria, where she worked with a number of incredible educators, coaches, choirs and ensembles.

Renn is active as a performing and recording musician. Her folk-rock project Fox Glove has released two EPs and performs in festivals and performances nation-wide. She also performs regularly as a solo artist and collaborates extensively with other artists. She can be heard on recordings with artists such as Astrocolor, Carmanah, and Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea.


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