Meet Andy Ferris, Guitar instructor at South Island Studio

Andy Ferris - Guitar: Contemporary, Jazz

“Music presents a unique journey for each of us, and an endless opportunity to develop new ways of expression and enjoyment. My own journey has led me to participate and play in a range of different musical styles and situations, and I've been able to pick up a lot of tools, techniques, and concepts along the way. I have a passion for not only sharing these with you but for finding the right ones for you at the right time in your own development. My goal as a teacher is to get to know you, your goals and aspirations, and to equip you with the skills and tools required to meet your goals as well as deepen the enjoyment of your own musical journey.”

A lifelong learner with a passion for music, Andy has been playing and studying guitar for 30+ years and teaching for much of that time. He completed his BA in Jazz Performance in 2001 at Capilano College in Vancouver, where he had the opportunity to study privately with Canadian jazz musicians Bill Coon and Brad Turner, as well as perform with international artists Kenny Werner, Dee Daniels, and Kurt Elling. Since that time he has lived and worked as a teacher in several countries, including Canada, the US, Japan, India, the UK, and Taiwan, and has also completed an MA in Applied Linguistics. Most recently he has been working towards an additional MA in Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas.

While his academic background is in jazz, Andy loves and teaches a variety of genres. He feels the guitar is a passport to many styles of music, with the ultimate destination laying in the hands of each player. He is passionate about helping others develop the tools to find their own way on the instrument, and in this way, his lessons are closely tailored to the unique interests and abilities of each student. Andy's approach is designed to motivate his students to make consistent and tangible progress while also maintaining a fun, positive, and encouraging atmosphere. Kindling and nurturing a passion for music and the guitar, and seeing that develop into a long term love is what he enjoys most about teaching.


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