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Group Lessons at South Island Studio

Rockshop Band Camp

This band camp is a 10 week session that runs in the fall and in the spring. Students work with a professional musician using clear materials and music to learn pop and rock songs from the last 30 years. We cover a variety of styles to give students the opportunity to broaden their tastes.

The 10 week session culminates with a performance at our Winter or Spring concert. Great for students to improve their musicianship, heighten listening skills and put all their hard practice to good use.

Students of the guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and voice are welcome. Early registration is recommended as classes fill up quickly! Ages 10 - 17

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The Amazing Musical Playground!

A gateway to music through Instruments, Movement, Singing and Play!

For ages 5-7, this is a delightfully fun and creative early step in a child's music education.

We bring together the concepts of rhythm, melody, listening and embodied music awareness using movement, rhythm instruments, piano, and singing.

One-hour classes, weekly for 10-12 weeks. Fall, Winter and Spring terms.

Our instructors are wonderful with kids! Thoughtful, well-planned, engaging and cheerful in their approach to them.

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The Goddess Sings Workshop

logo usage with permission from the artist, Emily Balivet

Connect with the Goddess inside, by sharing your voice outside.

There is something magical that happens when we share our voices aloud with others. Even if you've been taught you can't carry a tune in a bucket, even if you've been taught that women should be quiet, you have a voice, and your voice is sacred.

We will sing simple chants and rounds leading to more complicated songs and harmonies; classic and contemporary. We will sing music that honours the Earth, the Goddess, nature, the seasons, silliness and each other. We will sing and release the Goddess within ourselves. We sing our dreams into being!

Facilitated by Kimberly Denness-Thomas, vocal coach at South Island Studio, 'The Goddess Sings' is a workshop for you to explore your voice comfortably and in the supportive companionship of other women. No music-reading needed. You may wish to bring a journal for notes and a bottle of water.

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* Logo used with permission from the artist, Emily Balivert