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The Goddess Sings Workshop

logo usage with permission from the artist, Emily Balivet

Connect with the Goddess inside, by sharing your voice outside.

There is something magical that happens when we share our voices aloud with others. Even if you've been taught you can't carry a tune in a bucket, even if you've been taught that women should be quiet, you have a voice, and your voice is sacred.

We will sing simple chants and rounds leading to more complicated songs and harmonies; classic and contemporary. We will sing music that honours the Earth, the Goddess, nature, the seasons, silliness and each other. We will sing and release the Goddess within ourselves. We sing our dreams into being!

Facilitated by Kimberly Denness-Thomas, vocal coach at South Island Studio, 'The Goddess Sings' is a workshop for you to explore your voice comfortably and in the supportive companionship of other women. No music-reading needed. You may wish to bring a journal for notes and a bottle of water.

* Logo used with permission from the artist, Emily Balivert

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Fireside Jam

Have you always wanted to lead a few tunes around the campfire or participate in a music jam?

In this workshop, you will learn the skills and gain the confidence to do just that.

Level: Novice - Intermediate (basic knowledge of your instrument recommended)

We'll learn how to:

  • play chords to accompany a singer, whether it's yourself or others
  • play basic to more complex grooves, depending on the song and level of ability
  • decipher chord/lyric charts and discover where to find them
  • experience the enjoyment of playing music together
  • carry a song as the sole accompanist
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This series is for you if you love songwriting but find starting or finishing songs challenging. In these workshops, we'll explore strategies to address this common issue and improve your lyric writing skills.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

  • Basic chord knowledge and singing skills recommended
  • Instruments: guitar or piano

We'll cover:

  • How to write lyrics that connect with the listener
  • Authentic songwriting
  • Where do songs come from?
  • Using chords and melody to support lyrics
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Adult Rockshop

Feel like a rock star! This workshop is a great opportunity to learn to play collectively, improve musicianship skills, and get some solid coaching on performance of intros, outros and soloing.

We offer music choices that are well-liked and doable, and once things are up and running, the group can collectively choose music they'd like to play. At the end of each session there's an opportunity for a performance for friends and family.

In this fun and welcoming atmosphere, people feel safe to take risks and know they will be supported, whatever their ability.

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Songwriter's Sharing Circle

Come get inspired with other creative minds! This monthly gathering is an opportunity to bring an original song or two (or even one in-progress) to share in a safe and welcoming space. Receive feedback and appreciation! All genres welcome, all ability/experience levels welcome.

12:00-2:00 Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 26.
$10.00 drop-in fee.
Space is limited, so please email us to book your spot.