Acoustic Guitar Workshops with Paul Mowbray and Lonny Koch

Oct 17, 2015


1905 Davie St


Hi Guitar players, workshops from our own Paul Mowbray on some intriguing guitar music… there’s a couple seats available  --   first one is starting this Saturday, Oct 17. 4:00 p.m. – 3 hrs class time for 75.00


Note: Materials supplied and good coverage of the songs under our microscope! This is very interest musicology-wise, and happen to be some wonderful tunes to learn to play J  Lonny

From Paul:

     I’ve been studying the acoustic guitar roots of Blues, Country and Folk.  These workshops are for the

beginner to the advancing player. (mature teen and adults) 

1.   Bob Dylan and The Band:  The Basement Tapes

50 years ago these guys churned through the old tunes, and what we now call Americana was born.  A

most curious selection of oldies and traditional songs, and several great new songs written.  Wonderful

look at the songwriting process.  Sat. Oct 17th and 24th,  4- 5:30pm, $75.

2.   1920’s and 30’s – and The American Anthology of Folk Music

Record companies went out to the common folk and if you passed the audition you went home with money

in your pocket and a chance in the commercial music lottery.  Hillbilly, Blues, Country, Folk, – these genre

names were created by the categorization of music markets.  What were some of the hits?  Sat. Oct 31 and

Nov 7th,  4 – 5:30pm,   $75

3.   Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family:  The Great Divide

The loner on the road – the home fire values that will help you through hard times.  What songs, locales,

and stories fed the public appetite for good songs?   Sat. Nov 21 and 28th,  4 – 5:30pm,  $75.

Some of the songs:  Satisfied Mind, Hello Stranger, I Shall Be Released, Cripple Creek, Blue Yodel, Buck

Dancer’s Choice, Ya Gotta Stop Kickin’ My Dog Around, I Wish I Was A Mole in the Ground, Cool Water,

Crash on the Levee, Goin’ Down the Road, You Ain’t Goin Nowhere, Stay on the Sunny Side, Pretty Polly,

No More Auction Block...


Join us for the music!  Presented by Paul Mowbray and Lonny Koch.  Register at South Island Studios,

250 592-3501.

Hear Paul play some Americana at:


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