Electric Blues Guitar Study

Nov 19, 2016 from 10:00am - 12:00pm


Eric Clapton. Ah, Eric the Great. Clapton is God. What more can you say, other than it's time to re-examine the most influential modern blues/rock guitarist.

Sonically accessible, flashy, toneful, and still going despite years of playing, nerve damage, and pain. 

We're (Paul's done all the heavy lifting) looking at his approach to playing the changes, adding excitement and intensity, getting up in the highest reaches of the fretboard, and knowing where you're going when playing his songs. 

And his SPEED. Man he can play fast. We're gonna slow things down, then try to work up to it. You'll have some homework...like for a lifetime!

Paul Mowbray & Lonny Koch host, instruct, and humble ourselves to the fact that we'll never be as good as even an arthritic Clapton, but it's a lot of FUN trying!

Join us for a look at old Slow Hand's mastery of the blues form.


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