CCR Revival

Feb 13-20, 2016


1905 Davie St (studio's beside the house, at end of driveway)


The Guitar Music of CCR and John Fogerty

Feb 13 and 20 - 2 Saturday afternoon sessions, 4:00 -5:30 pm

Our focus is on:

1. the guitar playing:   the riffs,  the rhythm guitar parts, the solos

2. the songs:  the form,  groove, emotion, roots of the song

We will play the music and there will be plenty of opportunity to take a part… whatever your level of playing

Soloists encouraged as well.

“Going against the grain at the time, Creedence eschewed the acid-inspired free-form jams favored by many rock bands for tightly-structured roots music with an unmistakable rockabilly edge.”  D. Cavanagh,  Uncut magazine.

Blues, roots, rockabilly…all clear in the great guitar work!

Small Class w/ Instructors Paul Mowbray and Lonny Koch presenting

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