“Blues Grooves” Blues guitar workshop!

Oct 27, 2018 from 10:00am - 12:00pm


Our first Blues Workshop session in the Fall Term. Paul Mowbray teaches this very informative monthly workshop where he breaks down classic blues songs from a variety of style within the genre. 

This first one is about "grooves"...and there is a good number to check out, listen to, learn the subtleties of playing, and even hearing them frankly, because many do not, so, unfortunately, we get the overly general take on what the 'blues' is, as though it's a monolith of generic guitar licks from a beer commercial, or worse, a beat setting in a drum machine.

Not so much, music lovers! There are dynamics, breath, pulse, depth, downbeat, backbeat, ghosts, space. So much to observe and listen for, so much to try to embody when you play.

Join this workshop and go a little deeper into this music... you'll come out a better listener and musician for it.


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