Guitar Workshops Victoria

Here's a list at a few of the workshops we've held over the years at South Island Studio...from our first in 2008 to our current Workshop on Jazz Soloing. Some were two days, the longest was 12 weeks, most were in the middle at 4 weeks long.

Guitar Improvisation Workshop, Delta Blues Slide Guitar, Beatles Acoustic Guitar, Mark Knopfler Chord Soloing, Keith Richards Open G Hits, Songwriting 101, Jazz Guitar Chording, Jazz Guitar Soloing, Bruce Cockburn Acoustic Guitar, Neil Young Acoustic Guitar, Songwriter Study of Leonard Cohen, Muddy Waters' Electric Blues...and a few get the picture.

We enjoy hosting a fun workshop on guitar players and various music styles. We learn a lot by teaching them, and students learn a lot by attending. It's a win-win, win. The 3rd win is for our families since we all sound a little better at the end, which makes it easier to bear hearing our endless practicing.

Thanks for reading. It's time for me to make some noise!


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