Music Lessons in Victoria, BC

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to mentoring new and advancing musicians, giving them the tools to develop their own voice, by finding success and enjoyment in learning to play, sing, and groove.

Come Jam With Us!

We are experienced music teachers, pro musicians, lifelong students of music and keen observers of the learning process

  • We teach private guitar lessons, piano lessons, singing lessons, drum lessons, bass guitar lessons.
  • Band Program: Rock Band camps (The Rockshop), summer music camps for kids (Summer Rockshop)
  • Workshops on songwriting, improvisation, soloing, slide guitar, fingerpicking, drum kit dynamics,

Do You or Your Child:

  • struggle with traditional school teaching methods?
  • get bored quickly?
  • constantly have music dancing around inside your/their head, hands, and feet?
  • have an active imagination or like to tell stories?
  • have ADD or Aspergers? (we’re not a fan of these labels, but they are familiar terms)

Our Commitment to Students:

We honour who you are and how you learn by helping to you define the lesson direction, and by presenting you information and exercises that suit your learning style. We work with your strengths, and explore ways to improve on weaknesses.

Like an ongoing conversation, we ask questions, listen intently, and address your questions. We play songs, practice together, share our experience, cover the foundational skills, challenge limits, look inside the music to give context and explain the language.

  • We write, jam, duet, sing, breathe, record, reflect, laugh, review.
  • We learn why and how to practice.
  • Did I mention, we PLAY, a lot!
  • We encourage and support performances, both solo and in groups.

Our Commitment to the Community

Every year, we donate all proceeds from our concerts to local charities. In the past, we've given to AIDS Vancouver Island, YM-YWCA Youth Outreach X-Mas Hamper , The Sanctuary Youth Drop-In Centre, and Our Place Society.

We don't like to blow our horn too much but would like you to know that we support local youth, families and community members, especially in their musical interests, as a way to give back and show gratitude to all the wonderful students and families that we get to work with year after year.

Useful links

Guitars Plus: A great place to buy a guitar or bass and all related supplies and they do repairs, set-ups and custom built guitars!! Support this locally owned store.

Musicalia: A wonderful music school for toddlers up to adults. Susan Seale is amazing with her young students. A number of her students have come here for guitar after studying music as young children and they are so well prepared that it's just easy for them to really take off with us. They have rhythm skills, understand melody and know a lot about music in general. Seeing the results of her work first hand I can recommend her work with confidence.

Classic Guitars on Fort: Victoria's home of fine vintage guitars and basses with amps to match.

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