Registered Music therapist in Victoria and Oak Bay

We're very pleased to be partnered with Joel Kroeker, Accredited Music Therapist and Clinical Councillor. His expertise in working with people with diverse needs gives us the ability to better serve our community.

Joel offers the following therapy services:

   * Individual Counselling/Therapy Sessions
   * Music Therapy Individual Sessions
   * Music Therapy Group Sessions
   * Group and Couples Counselling
   * AMP Creativity Workshops
   * Psychoeducational Workshops and Seminars

On a personal note, I have seen firsthand the happiness and well-being benefits of music participation for so many people; for children, adults and myself included. This recognition is finding it's way into mental health care for improving overall healthy living for many people.

Here are just a few of the numerous articles recently published on the topic of music used as a theraputic modality to improve the health and vitality of people with various types of health challenges, behavioral issues, and for help facing our natural life cycle.

Participation in Music therapy gives a sense of well being and develops individual skills to face the challenges of living with our personal day-to-day. For more info please contact us for a consult.

Thank you, Lonny Koch

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