Meet Yuliya Myers, vocal and piano instructor at South Island Studio

Yuliya Myers - Voice and Piano

“The musical connections we make, with our inner and outer worlds, have a profound effect on our life as we develop this quality within ourselves.”

Yuliya loves to learn about her students interests and to help them discover their inner musicality by using their voice, the piano, or both, to express themselves. She is very passionate watching students of all ages grow in poise, confidence and musicianship. She is a great believer in excellent musical training and the discipline that music education brings to students in all areas of their life, and especially for healthy development in children.

Yuliya discovered this herself when she started studying voice and piano. She was very inspired by her teachers growing up and loved composing songs for the children’s choir she sang in, also for flute and piano. The love for creating music continued through college and university and she toured extensively to numerous choral competitions in Europe with a women’s choir as their long time member and soloist.

Yuliya Myers completed her Bachelor of Music (Academic Choir Conducting) and additionally completed specialized course work such as vocal teaching, methodic working with children and piano pedagogy at the University of Culture and Arts in Kiev, Ukraine. Yuliya began teaching in Edmonton, Alberta in 2000 and has worked with many choirs, ensembles and associations in the greater Edmonton area. Yuliya is an enthusiastic and dedicated educator continually pursuing excellence for her students, ensembles and choirs. Yuliya owned and managed her private music studio for nine years where she was a teacher of Piano, Voice, music theory and Conducting. Her children’s choir and students have consistently won awards at music festivals. She conducted St. Barbara’s Cathedral Choir for seven years.

Yuliya recently moved with her family, from Edmonton to Victoria and in addition to teaching voice and piano at South Island Studio, she’s Conducting the Viva Youth Voices Choir.


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