Meet Daniel Martins, piano instructor at South Island Studio

Daniel Martins - Piano

Daniel has been performing, writing and studying music for over 20 years. Classically trained at the Royal Conservatory of Music, he has relocated to Victoria from Calgary to continue learning and teaching, and to become creatively inspired amidst the west coast back drop.

Daniel’s lifelong passion for playing piano has taken many exciting turns. From performing live and recording albums, to introducing children to the world of music, to running a business in music composition; his life truly revolves around music.

Daniel spends most of his days composing music for film and television. But alas, a composers life is a lonely one; locked away in a studio all day and forgetting to go outside. What could be better than to teach and inspire students who are eager to learn, and in turn become inspired by witnessing the magic of someone learning to play?!

His own experiences through rigorous piano lessons had, at times, left him feeling creatively dry and confounded, ultimately declaring “Music should be more fun than this!” As a piano teacher, Daniel strives to instill the invaluable foundational skills, discipline and rigor of traditional piano lessons, while incorporating creativity and fun. He culminates theory, practice, experimentation, and excitement through his unique teaching style. Daniel is currently accepting newcomers and amateur students of all ages.

These classes are geared towards beginners - intermediate.


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