Blues Guitar Study Group

May 26, 2018 from 10:00am - 12:00pm


Our monthly Blues Guitar Study and Jam hosted by Paul Mowbray. 

I’m adding to our Blues Study Repertoire book: BB King's Sweet Little Angel, Why I Sing the Blues, The Thrill is Gone, and BB’s version of Stormy Monday.

Next Session:

The way I look at it we build two main skills.  The first is the ability to play individual songs well and jam them out. The second skill is what I’m thinking of focusing on next session:  the ability to master turnarounds, fills, solos, and comps in each of the major keys.  This skill enables the player to sit in on any jam and to do a song in any key competently.

That’s the focus of the next session.  Mastering the main blues keys:  E, A, G, D and C.

I’ll bring some new songs and we can also play off our repertoire book.  Please suggest songs as well.

Drop us a line to register!

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