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At South Island Studios, we are experienced music teachers, pro musicians, lifelong students of music and keen observers of the learning process. We’re dedicated to mentoring new and advancing musicians, giving them the tools to develop their own voice, by finding success and enjoyment in learning to play, sing, and groove.

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Meet Our Music Teachers

We're very happy to have a great line-up of instructors this year, many returning and seven new to us.

New teachers: Al Kornelsen - Piano, Eryn Sharpe …Read More

Rock Band Camp opened today

South Island Studio's Rockshop Band Camp started in ernest today with a terrific rehearsal. Welcome Alina, Peter, Owen and Noah. These students learned most of t…Read More

~Lonny Koch

“ Lonny, Paul and the gang at South Island Studio, You guys are amazing and an inspiration to many musicians and young artists in Victoria!
Thank You! ”

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South Island Studio is actively involved in the community of Victoria BC
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RockShop Band Camp

Sep 12 - Dec 12, 2018

Our youth Band Camps get underway on Sept 12, with a couple of great Band opportunities.

The younger band, 3:30 - 4:30 PM weekly on WEDs, ages 10-12, is a fantastic experience for younger musicians wanting to enjoy the fun of playing in a band!

The second group is kids ages 13-16. 4:30-5:30 weekly. Older more experienced singers and players learning to really come together as a team. These are fun & lively musical workouts that allow room for a lot of student input and creativity. Cover songs old and new, and original material too. It's a dynamic program. 

We do current and classic pop and rock songs, always geared to the level of the musicians in the group. Supervised by experienced teachers who are very aware of, and sensitive to each student's needs in the group. The kids have a say in what they play as well and we practice to become better listeners, players, and performers.

The Fall Term is 14 weeks, Sept 12 - Dec 12 

Winter Concert Performance - Sun, Dec 9

Drop us a line to join one of these amazing groups - Guitars, Keys, Bass, Drums and Singers welcome.

Lonny :)

“Blues Grooves” Blues guitar workshop!

Oct 27, 2018 from 10:00am - 12:00pm

Our first Blues Workshop session in the Fall Term. Paul Mowbray teaches this very informative monthly workshop where he breaks down classic blues songs from a variety of style within the genre. 

This first one is about "grooves"...and there is a good number to check out, listen to, learn the subtleties of playing, and even hearing them frankly, because many do not, so, unfortunately, we get the overly general take on what the 'blues' is, as though it's a monolith of generic guitar licks from a beer commercial, or worse, a beat setting in a drum machine.

Not so much, music lovers! There are dynamics, breath, pulse, depth, downbeat, backbeat, ghosts, space. So much to observe and listen for, so much to try to embody when you play.

Join this workshop and go a little deeper into this music... you'll come out a better listener and musician for it.

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